Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth you don’t have to choose to live with a gap. It is always a matter of weighing the biological costs against the financial costs of the options available.

These can be made from plastic or metal and plastic and are a removable replacement for missing teeth
They are less expensive that other options but take up more space in the mouth than the teeth that are missing and may not be as stable as some patients would require. However many people wear dentures to replace some or all of their teeth and are happy with this as a simple solution

These are replacement teeth that are securely fixed to the teeth adjacent to a gap. This means that they don’t have to come out at night but can only be placed if suitable teeth exist to anchor the bridge and may require special cleaning regimes.

These are a fixed solution where a replacement tooth or teeth are secured to the jaw in a similar way to natural teeth. The great advantage of this is that they are self supporting and easy to clean and the adjacent teeth remain untouched.