What can we do for you?

We have a world class team dedicated to providing a very high level of cosmetic and restorative dentistry to clients looking to smile with confidence and we also offer all other types of routine dental care. Our team strives to provide the clinical and technical excellence you would expect to receive, and our dedicated professionals are on hand to give you the best possible treatment.

  • Routine DentistryRoutine Dentistry
    Good oral health is paramount to good general health and can be the cornerstone on which more complex dentistry can be built. Everyone should be able to smile with confidence and eat in comfort and It is possible to keep all your teeth for life and we hope that this is the aim of all out patients. Regular examinations and hygiene visits can help you to prevent the need for treatment and spotting problems early will usually mean that treatment will be more straightforward and less expensive.
  • Teeth WhiteningCosmetic Dentistry
    There are many options to improve your smile From simple tooth whitening to a full smile makeover it is possible to dramatically improve even the most challenging of smiles. The main thing is for us to understand exactly how you would like to look and then work out the simplest way to create your new smile with the minimum of treatment. This means that in conjunction with good home care, the result will allow you to smile with confidence for many years to come.
  • ImplantsMissing Teeth
    The aim of routine care is to prevent you losing teeth but sometimes it is not possible to save every tooth or you may already have some gaps that prevent you from smiling or make it difficult to eat those food that you would like to enjoy.
  • Headache TreatmentHeadache Treatment
    Many people suffer from regular headaches, neck or shoulder pains or sinus and ear congestion. This means they are constantly taking pain killers and often miss days at work or social functions. What I can do is carry out simple tests to see if your symptoms are related to function of the jaws and in up to 80% of cases provide a cure for your pain. That means that you can get on with your life without having to take medication or miss days at work or social occasions
  • Crooked TeethCrooked Teeth
    Hollywood has always cast the actor with the straight even teeth as the hero and the baddy has missing or crooked teeth. Everyone would like straight white teeth but often this is not what they have been given by nature.